Monday, April 9, 2018

Tending to Friendship

My blog has been pretty quiet this past week, with the last post having been on Easter. Nothing is fact, everything is right!

Well...not everything. But you know what I mean. 😉 However, the reason for my absence is a good one.

Once a year Dave and I take time off to be with our long time friends, Dan and Laura Hash, Mel and Amy Ellenwood. Many years ago we spent our vacations with these dear friends, bonding as families with our kids. But now that they're all grown, we have set aside a week in the spring to spend time together each year.

Last night was our final night together. We did what we always used to do...went to someplace pretty to take pictures to capture another year of memories.

We've been down in Croatia, where our vacations together started in 2003. It's hard to believe 15 years have passed since then. We've all changed (I think for the better!), but Croatia always stays its beautiful self!

Last night we drove to the top of a mountain, then hiked out to the edge to this pretty little chapel.

We set the camera on a timer and captured this sweet moment.

These dear friends are some of our greatest treasures in life!

Dave and Dan met as boys fifty years ago when Dan's family moved to Denver (his family was part of the same mission organization Dave grew up in). Their friendship opened the way for all of us to enjoy sharing life together today.

Just so you know that life isn't always picture perfect, I share this one that was taken right before the one above! 😂

And this is life with friends...sharing all sorts of times and places with each other, walking through whatever life holds for each one of us.

My life is infinitely richer for having these ladies in it as they challenge, stretch, encourage and love me well!

It was a very sweet week all together, tending to our friendships!


  1. What a gift our friendship is. So thankful for these days God gave us...for the years He has given...and for the ones to come too.

  2. Looks like another amazing sight on the island. Good that you could take some time away and recharge. Looking forward to a few more pictures from Hvar while you are there.