Friday, April 27, 2018

Patty Garden Again

And a Patty tradition begins again!

Thanks to Tyler, the Patty family is gardening again!

What began nearly fifty years ago when Dave was a boy and his dad began to garden with his kids, is continuing today with Papa, Tyler, Judah...and the rest of us!!

Now that Tyler and his family live in Ostrava, just thirty minutes away, we are beginning a new gardening project at our house, with a little help from everybody.

Of course a time-out for a turn on the slide never hurt anything!

And what about a little play time with Kaylee and our neighbor, Olivia?!

While Tyler, Dave and our friend Pavel began the process of building the raised beds to garden in, it felt so great to be out in our yard again running around with little people.

When the Lord gave us this piece of property to build on sixteen years ago, I sure never dreamed that one day I'd be playing with my grandsons here. Yes, it's pretty awesome that God did that!

Sometimes it's a little like going back in time as I hang out with them; Judah reminds me so much of his daddy when he was a little boy!

Judah and I walked all around the yard, with Kaylee faithfully following us. Today was the first day that he got to explore the yard - I think it's got his stamp of approval. 😊

As does snack time at Nonnie's house!

In the meantime the guys were hard at work sawing and fitting together the wood to make the raised beds.

Many years ago we tried gardening in this very spot, but for many reasons it didn't work out very well. We're all hopeful that this new type of garden will result in some good homegrown veggies this summer.

Judah's double checking his dad's work to make sure it's in the right spot. 😂

Asher had an extra good nap today so missed out on some of the fun, but came to join us later in the afternoon!

And what a beautiful spring afternoon it was...couldn't have been a better day to be outside!

And after a full day's work, four raised beds are in our yard, ready for planting!

I'm so thankful for Tyler's love for gardening that has spurred us on to give it a try again!

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