Monday, April 23, 2018

Gelato in Žilina

The Lord can accomplish his purposes at any time, and in any type of weather. But when it's sunny, it just makes everything better!

After KPM, the youth leader conference we were at in Slovakia, finished we headed into the square for lunch with one of our JV board members who was here to serve at the conference too.

It really couldn't have been a more beautiful afternoon to debrief and share with each other about our experiences this week-end, and how we saw God moving.

After lunch Jack told us that every day during the conference he'd seen a line at an ice cream shop across from his hotel; he said he'd treat if we'd go there with him. Of course we were happy to oblige!

I know nothing about "Scoop", except that it's true, there's a line. I should have taken a picture of how many people were there waiting with us to go in. And how many more were there when we came out.

It's tiny inside, and a squeeze to get in and out. But what a cute place!

And even better, what amazing options they had!

I opted for the lemon basil sorbet while Dave chose salted caramel.

It was the perfect way to end our time in Žilina, being part of God's movement in Slovakia!

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