Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Donuts for Mama

Oh the joy of having Claire back in our everyday lives!

While she's traveling about as much as we are these day (serving the JV Kids), today was a rare day that we were both at home. And you know what she chose to do?

Come serve her mama by baking gluten free doughnuts!

This is THE BEST recipe for a light airy doughnut that tastes as good as anything (better, really!) you'll get in a bakery. And it's all "legal" for me! She used Alpro's soy yogurt, the secret ingredient that makes these doughnuts something special...found at Albert for any of you in the Czech Republic!

Truth be told, I could have one of these every day! :) Good thing we're not home that often! 😉

Thank you for serving me, Claire! You made my day!

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