Friday, March 25, 2011

Safe Arrival

It's been five years since my dad was here, six for my mom. But tonight, they're here in our house!

After a long trip, made even longer in Munich when they had to wait for a new plane to replace the one with mechanical problems (that was smaller than the other one so they bumped twelve people off without even asking for volunteers! Glad it wasn't mom and dad who were bumped), they got into Krakow this evening.

Since it was later than we thought they'd be getting in, the nice dinner we were going to have at home was postponed until tomorrow and it was dinner "on the go"...KFC. That's mom and dad at the counter!

They'll be here until April 28th, so I'm sure you'll see a few more posts about their time here! It's SOOO wonderful to have them back with us.


  1. YAY! So glad they were able to come! Enjoy your time together!! :)

  2. Praising Jesus with you for this good gift, after the disappointment of their not coming for Christmas!!