Sunday, March 13, 2011

Off to Ladies Retreat

I'm thankful to be heading off to Poland tomorrow through Saturday for our JV Ladies retreat!

A few of us from the Bteam (as well as Claire who is going to babysit four JV babies with her JVK friend, Laurel, from Slovenia) are going early to set up. We then start picking up ladies from the Wroclaw airport Tuesday morning. The rest of the ladies start arriving by cars and vans at our retreat location in the afternoon, and we begin our program with dinner. I'm so excited to see everyone!

These are always special times together...time to connect, encourage, learn, grow, worship and be nourished by the Lord. We also laugh a lot, stay up late, and eat yummy desserts...mmm, can't wait.

I continue to feel stronger and better every day. Had the energy to visit the new mama and her baby at the hospital today. What a blessing to hold that sweet new baby...welcome to our lives little Carter!

Dave and Caleb are going to hold down the fort here at home this week. You know, cooking and cleaning, a little laundry, ironing and scrubbing the floors. HA HA!! No really, they'll do their thing this week and have a good time together, no doubt! :)

Most likely I'll be offline this week...unless I can't help but post a few fun pictures of my sweet JV sisters, if I can get connected to internet!

* JV Ladies Retreat 2009. We'll have a lot of new faces this year, and be missing a lot of these faces here!

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  1. Can't believe it's already here!! Been praying for you lots!