Monday, March 21, 2011

Blessed Week

What a special week with my JV sisters!

This was taken in one of the rooms at the palace in Brunow, Poland where we stayed for our ladies retreat...just a small glimpse into how the Lord spoiled us this past week!

It was a blessed week of time of those tastes of heaven where you feel the space not so far away between here and there. Imagine what it will be like to have eternity in a place even better than this, with even sweeter fellowship than what we experienced with each other this past week?! It boggles my mind to consider that!

The Lord was so good and kind to us all week, lavishing His presence on us, along with so many good gifts. I really don't know how it could've been a better or sweeter time.

And bless Him...every day I got stronger and stronger and today have no trace of the migraine! That was just one of my good gifts last week, but truly a much appreciated one.

I've posted more pictures of our retreat on my Facebook wall. I hope we're "friends" so you can go take a look at them! I think it will give you a sweet glimpse into the blessing we experienced in our time together.


  1. Yay! Been praying for you all week and am sooo glad to hear it went so well and that the migraine is gone completely!

  2. Loving seeing the pictures and reading the update on the ladies' retreat!! Prayed for you much!!