Saturday, March 26, 2011

Caleb to Ukraine

It's a traveling week-end for our family.

With Dave being in Slovakia and me having been in Poland to get my parents yesterday, it's just fitting that Caleb is off to the Ukraine today!

He left this morning with ten classmates and their principal on a school mission's trip to Uzhgorod, Ukraine. They'll be at an orphanage there until Wednesday, playing with the children, putting on a program for them, bringing gifts and supplies, and just getting exposure to something most of them don't know anything about...the life of an orphan.

It's an eleven hour train and bus ride today. They'll arrive this afternoon and meet up with students from their sister school, Kiev Christian Academy, and serve together for the next few days.

I'm sure Caleb and the other students will come back with a new perspective on life after their time there. So thankful they get this opportunity.

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