Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Prompted to Pray

On Sunday morning, as I was sleepily drinking a cup of coffee, Dave told me to look on my computer at a letter he had forwarded.

What I read took my breath away...and made me cry.

It was a letter from someone Dave knew in high school. He hasn't heard from her in over 30 years, and she lives and ministers in India now. She said she'd found us on our JV website several years ago, and has been praying for us since then.

The following is an excerpt from her letter:

"Dear David, after wrestling with my spirit for some time now, making excuses for not sending this letter, I'm just going to acquiesce....several weeks ago I felt compelled, over and over, to pray for wisdom for you, specifically, but also wisdom for Connie and for some reason, Claire, Claire, Claire! If it happened once or even twice...okay, but over the course of several weeks, the burden just wouldn't lift and during that entire time, I also felt God saying to write this letter to you and Connie to encourage you..."

WOW. Her letter overwhelmed me with God's love and care. He prompted her to pray during these past weeks when I was so sick with the migraine. Dave definitely needed wisdom during this time, as did I. And Claire needed strength and wisdom for shouldering the care of our home and meals as I was sick. So the Lord's promptings were right on...9700 kilometers away!

It was also such a good reminder to follow the promptings of the Lord when he says, "PRAY"! You never know what a difference your prayers might be making in someone's life.

Bless you Becky for listening and praying...God heard and answered your prayers.


  1. I LOVE this. :) Makes me happy to know that God is taking care of me and using other people to do so too. :) So encouraging.

  2. He is so GOOD!!! Love that it came from India too! Where is she in India? His Spirit is one, and He cares for His own, that's for sure! Love you!!

  3. I'm living here in India! I wonder if I've crossed paths with your friend. I've met a lot of people in the time I've been here. If you're able to share more, you could email me.

    This is a good reminder about God taking care of others via prayer. I've also been on the receiving end of this... and I hope to play a role as an intercessor too.

    - Alison (from GCD in IL)