Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More on Ladies Retreat

While I'm getting caught up on life around home after the ladies retreat, I wanted to pass on Claire's blog address - she's got a great update about it since she was there with us. Click here to read some about the retreat from her perspective, and see some great pictures!

It was a joy to have two of our JVK (Josiah Venture Kids) join us this year - Claire and Laurel Jackson from Slovenia came to lovingly care for four JVB (Josiah Venture Babies!). Jackson, Maia, Benjamin and Liam got lots of face and arm time with the girls!

Thank you Claire and Laurel, for giving up a week of school and sacrificially coming to be with your little JVK "siblings"! You blessed us all by making it possible for those mommies and babies to be at ladies retreat!

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