Monday, March 28, 2011

Celebrating Today

Were we really so young on our wedding day?!! I always think that we haven't changed much...until I see photos like this! :)

Today we're celebrating 24 years of really rich, good, sweet and wonderful years of marriage.  I am SUCH a blessed woman to be married to this good man!!

And we're also deeply blessed by those who stood with us all those years many are still dear and close to us...what a gift!

I was living in Germany at the time I was planning our wedding (and in fact, we were married in Speyer, Germany) so had to do all my planning with my mom long distance. Based on what I picked out of a JC Penney catalog I had in Germany, my mom went to the store and bought everything for the girls, from shoes to dresses to necklaces. You ladies looked so lovely that day!

Most of our photos were taken in the Schwetzingen Palace, by the photographer we hired...who ended up having to bribe the caretaker of the palace to let us inside for fifteen minutes to take ALL our photos!

We had planned on taking them outside in the gardens, but it ended up raining that day so he did what he had to in order for us to get pictures before the wedding. I'm so grateful he did. The photos were much more beautiful inside than they would've been outside since the gardens weren't blooming yet!

One note about the yellow rose in my bouquet. The first picture was taken after the ceremony, outside the cathedral we were married in. Across the street was a flower shop where a little boy and his mom stepped out just as we came out of the church. When the mom saw us, she picked out this rose from the bouquet in her hands, and sent the little boy over to present it to me. It was such a tender moment and one I've never forgotten!

That was a good day...but the days and years since then have been even better! How I thank the Lord for His awesome choice of a husband for me!


  1. Love that picture of you and Dave. I did not even notice the yellow rose...but that is a great story and now that I look at the picture it is cool to see the yellow rose!
    Congratulations on marrying such a great guy!!!

  2. I think I recognized almost all the people in this picture!! Your long-distance shopping skills have only perfected all these years.


  3. Love the pictures and both of you!! Happy Anniversary!!