Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Lord is Good

Fresh air and sunshine never felt so good!

Yes, I was miraculously released today, thanks to the persistence of Dave, a young doctor whom I'd never met before, and the Lord's mercy on me.

Yesterday they told me I'd be staying through Monday, but after yet another sleepless night, I was exhausted this morning and begged Dave to somehow get me released. Surely sleep was more important in the recovery process than just keeping me for observation.

Dave came at 10 this morning to talk with the nursing staff, who all understood my dilemma (they're quite aware of the coughing problem my one elderly roommate is experiencing, which is what was keeping me awake all night), but had no authority to release me. And because it's Saturday, there is only one doctor making rounds to all the wards and they didn't know when he would be available.

So we sat in the hallway, waiting. And praying!

Finally, a doctor I'd never seen arrived on the ward and came to talk with us. He explained that they don't usually release on the week-ends, that he was only filling in so didn't know my case, and he wasn't sure what he'd be able to do for me. He left to check on other patients with no promises.

We sat waiting in the hall some more.

An hour went by, and then all of a sudden, it was like the heavens opened up! There was a flurry of activity, paperwork, an examination, documentation, the return of my clothes and then...I WAS OUT! Not sure how all of that happened but I'm SO thankful!

Of course I'm on strict orders of bed rest and no activity (does writing on my computer count??) until Monday when we'll call back to the neurology ward and get further instructions. The young doctor said I do have a "block" in my neck that may be part of the problem so he wants that carefully checked out, and possibly rehabilitation.

But I'M HOME!!! It feels so good to be here and definitely, 100% more restful!

Upon arriving home, I immediately went to bed and slept for four hours...that's more hours in a row than I've slept the past four nights. It was truly a gift from the Lord to be able to sleep like that. I pray that I'll be able to  get a full night's sleep tonight too.

Bless you dear friends for covering me in prayer these past days. There was never a time in the hospital when I felt alone...never! The Lord was very near, and your prayers were covering me in a soft blanket of peace the entire time.

I'm thankful to be home now, and ask you to pray for full recovery in the days ahead. I am due to leave next Monday to lead our annual JV ladies retreat in Poland (retreat starts on Tuesday evening the 15th through Saturday morning the 19th) so am asking the Lord for  His strength to do that!


  1. It's so good to have you home!! :) Glad you're feeling better...sleep well tonight!

  2. So thankful!! Been praying for you and will be for supernatural strength and covering! He must have great things in store for your time, as I am thinking your weakness means He's planning on showing Himself STRONG!!

  3. I'm sooo happy you're home Connie!!! Praise the Lord!!! And I'm continuing to pray for your full recovery and strength and good sense of humor :-)

  4. My sleepless times have included you and yours in my prayers. I am so thankful you are able to rest now Connie! And I love to picture of you being covered in the soft blanket of peace. Kind of makes me want to go take a nap. ;)