Monday, April 25, 2011

He is Risen!

We had such a happy Easter celebration yesterday!

Worship service up at Malenovice in the morning...

Walking down the hill from our beloved hotel with mom and was SO pretty up there yesterday!

Getting ready for our Easter party at home!

Claire and my mom baked up a storm of Easter goodies, People were surprised when they found out they were gluten free...these are not your cardboard tasting gluten free goodies of old! NO! These are super yummy, gluten free delicacies!!

Me and my girl! We didn't exactly color or pattern coordinate but oh well! It's a picture of the two of us!

Our Easter party guests! First...the Till family...missionaries in Frydlant at BMA, our kids' high school.

Jonny and Lisa Lobel, also missionaries at BMA...with their new son, Carter and Lisa's mom, Debbie, visiting from Chicago.

The Rumbold family are with JV, serving in Slovakia!

Our dear Katka...who we've known for almost 16 years! I always love having her here with us!

And finally, the Bozon family, also JV missionaries living here in Frydlant.

Rain was threatening our annual Easter egg hunt so we got right outside to do it once everyone arrived!

I wanted to add a picture from the end of the Easter egg hunt (which was happy and delightful...what a fun time watching all those kids dash around our yard looking for eggs!), when the skies opened up and it POURED! But Blogger is being weird today and I'm having a hard time loading pictures...I've literally been at this off and on all day! So I'll just put this last one in of Dave and I and say...HAPPY EASTER! I hope you all had a wonderful celebration of the risen Savior too!

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  1. Connie,

    Just wanted to let you know that I've become a regular reader of your blog now that the Pitcher family is no longer living there. I love your stories and photos (great one of the two of you). Glad you had such a wonderful day celebrating our risen Savior!!

    Betsy Lytle