Thursday, April 21, 2011

So Great

I would give anything to have a picture to go along with this story...but unfortunately I didn't know it was happening until it was over! Hope you'll get the gist of it though!

After work this evening, as our beautiful spring day was coming to an end, Dave was out chopping wood.

Our neighbors (the mentally handicapped brother and sister I sometimes write about, who live next door to us) plopped themselves down to watch him, as if they were watching a baseball game.

Concerned that Dave was working too hard, the sister exclaimed, "You've got to take care of yourself!" They were very worried about Dave last year when he had his heart surgery, and haven't forgotten to remind him to take it easy ever since.

Hardly pausing for a breath, she said, "You do look very young though" and then "your wife sure is cute!!" Big brownie points for that one!

As Dave tossed some chopped wood into our trailer, Danka got up to help, chattering away as she put the wood in as Dave chopped. Zdenek, her brother, stayed in his reclined position on the ground, propped up on one elbow, watching and listening.

Out of the blue Danka said, "I can't wait 'til Jesus comes back! He's going to come with all of his angels. You know some of them are twenty feet tall, don't you? He'll have a crown on his head. And he's going to make all things right because this world has lots of problems, and there are a lot of bad people."

Still propped up on his elbow as he lay on the ground, Zdenek chimed in, "There really is a heaven isn't there?"

Dave: "Yeah, and you and I are going to be there. And you won't be sick and won't have problems with schizophrenia (Zdenek struggles with this but talks with Dave openly about it). And your knees won't hurt anymore!"

He grinned and giggled and said, "That would be great!"

Changing subjects (as they often do!) Danka said , "You know those CD's you gave us a while back (of Dave preaching)...we gave them to Jarek (their cousin) and he copied them onto his iPod and he listens to them all the time. His wife told him that the best thing that happened to him is knowing us, because that's how he became a believer!"

Moving right along, the next comment was, "Is Claire well? Is your wife well? Because you know, we were praying for them - we were praying for your wife when she was in the hospital with that migraine!"

Then, "When are you going to come and read the Bible and pray with us?" (She asked Dave this four times!)

The wood was almost all in the trailer but the conversation wasn't done yet!

Danka: "Do you know that we cut each other's hair??!!"

Dave: "Really??"

She giggled..."I do his and then he does mine. It's pretty funny!"

No doubt!

Danka helped Dave until he was done, while Zdenek, her brother, stayed on his elbows and watched the entire time!

Dave commented to me afterward "It's so funny having a conversation with them...and would be even funnier if I could understand everything!" (They don't have a lot of teeth which makes it difficult to understand!)

One last thought from Danka as they were walking down the road from the wood pile, "It's horrible what they did to Jesus, nailing him to the cross and putting thorns on his head. It's just terrible. People are like animals and just kill for their own gain. Why did he have to go through that?"

Dave: "Because of your sins and mine".

Danka giggled, "I've got plenty of those. That was so great what Jesus did for us!!

What a great thought the day before Good Friday!

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