Friday, April 29, 2011

Resurrection Eggs

Years ago, when our kids were little, a missionary couple came to visit us with an invaluable gift.

I've been using that gift, the Resurrection Eggs, for years now at Easter. It's a beautiful, yet simple way to talk children through the Easter story.

Since writing about it on my blog after Easter, I've had several people write to ask me what they are, and how to make their own. Since I don't know where this idea originated, I can't give credit except to Caroline Graumann who was the giver of this wonderful gift!

Since the story is told in twelve eggs, you'll need an American sized egg carton (if you're here in Europe, maybe you could use a 15 egg carton and put something else in the other three eggs since our cartons are only for ten eggs!).

Next you'll need twelve plastic eggs. Caroline's egg carton had them color coordinated, but you could do it with any colors you want!

Next you need the insides for each egg:

1 - a silver coin (she used a dime)
2 - a small piece of rope
3 - a thorn
4 - a small cross
5 - three small nails
6 - a small paper with "King of the Jews" printed on it
7 - a small piece of sponge
8 - a small piece of gauze
9 - a small stone
10 - an angel (the one in this set is cut from white felt)
11 - the inside of the egg painted black (both top and bottom)
12 - a small chick (she actually has another smaller egg inside the bigger egg which has the chick in it - the kids love opening the two eggs to find the chick! But I don't know where she found a small egg to put'll have to hunt for that!)

At the bottom of the egg carton, glue in small numbers, 1-12 to mark the place for each egg.

The green paper inside the top of the egg carton has this printed on it:

Resurrection Eggs

Each egg contains a tiny object that helps to remind us of how Jesus suffered, died and rose again.

1 - Money: the money Judas was paid in order to betray Jesus (Matthew 26:14-16)
2 - String: the rope used to tie Jesus' hands before he was taken to Pilate (Matthew 27:1-2)
3 - Thorn: the crown of thorns the soldiers put on Jesus' head (Mark 15:17-18)
4 - Sticks: the cross on which Jesus died (John 19:17-18)
5 - Nails: the nails driven through Jesus' hands and feet (John 20:25)
6 - Sign: the sign placed above the cross: "King of the Jews" (John 19:19)
7 - Sponge: the sponge soaked in vinegar for Jesus to drink (John 19:28-29)
8 - Gauze: the burial cloths wrapped around the body of Jesus (Luke 23:50-53)
9 - Rock: the large rock rolled in front of the entrance to the tomb (Matthew 27:60)
10 - Angel: the angel who greeted Jesus' friends at the tomb and told them he was not there, but that he had risen (Matthew 28:2-7)
11 - Empty: the empty tomb - Jesus is ALIVE! (Luke 24:2-7)
12 - Chick: New life...we can have new life in Jesus if we ask Him to be our Savior (John 20:31)

I like to pass out an egg to each child so they get to hold the symbol and try to answer why it's important.

If you have kids, grand-kids, neighbor kids or even big kids...this is a wonderful way to bring the Easter into their lives! If you make one, I'd love to see a picture of your version!


  1. This is such a gift!! thank you so very much for you giving this gift to others :) God bless you in all you do Connie.

  2. What a beautiful package! I've done this too over the years with a few changes. I put numbers on the outside of the eggs and hid them among the other other Easter egg hunt goodies. Then when we get back together we let whoever has the sequence number open the egg and share what is inside. It works great in several languages too!!