Saturday, April 16, 2011

Happy Day

Yesterday it looked like spring was a long ways off...we had snow just two days ago, for goodness sake!

But this morning...ahhhh! Blue sky and SUNSHINE!'s a work day around the Patty house on this beautiful Saturday. Here's what we're up to!

My dad is a total whiz and expert at all things concerning yard work...there is nobody who mows better (and straighter!) than him.

My mom is a total whiz and expert at laundry...really and truly. I love when she comes to my house and takes over the laundry.

Caleb is a whiz at driving our van...and loves to have Lily go with him!!  He's out with Dave today, chopping wood...but took Lily for a ride first!

My dad is also amazing at cleaning...seriously, he can make something (like our old lawnmower) look like new when he's finished. You should see him clean a car too...I hope mine will be next!

One of Dave's greatest pleasures in life is chopping wood...especially when he has someone to do it with! Not only was Caleb out helping him today, but our friend Radim joined him too. It's a good day for Dave!

Did I mention Caleb's a whiz at driving?! He's pulling the trailer down to pick up a load of wood...and loving it, despite the look on his face!

Lily's main job today is lay around and look cute. She's good at that.

The ladies of the house have been inside baking and cooking today.

Someone has to taste the lentil soup!!

I told Claire that she could become famous for her lemon/raspberry gluten free muffins with lemon glaze. They are truly to die for!! I'm glad she made a batch today.

Did I mention I like Claire's muffins??

This pile of wood makes me happy. It's just outside my kitchen window, not far from the kitchen door which is very handy when it's snowing outside and I need wood!

This kind of day just makes me happy! Hope you're having a good Saturday wherever you are.


  1. What a stellar job of posting some of the fun pictures of life with Mom and Dad on their visit.

    I see there is a new background color too. I liked the former blue but this is a nice spring update!

  2. you are so adorable. I love reading the blog and seeing the pictures. Thanks for posting. I like your new picture and background. Looks great.

  3. Yay! What a happy look into life at home :) see you all in a month!!