Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Last Week

Thanks to the generosity of one of the foundations that has been in partnership with JV for many years, Dave and I were privileged to attend their conference last week in this quaint town in Austria.

The foundation gathered together ministry leaders and missionaries from all over the world that they have partnered with, and we spent the week sharing our lives and stories with one another. What a rich week!

This group of people are doing some amazingly fantastic things for the Lord and for His Kingdom. It was refreshing, energizing, motivating and encouraging to be among such people. They have literally served all over the globe...South Africa, Uganda, Ethiopia, Zambia, India, Moldova, Slovakia, Brazil, China, Australia...and of course us from the Czech Republic! What a wonderfully diverse bunch of people we were!

And yet...the fellowship among us was ever so sweet. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing about the various ways people are sharing Christ in their parts of the world, and seeking to spread the good news of the Gospel whether through work with orphans, leadership training, church planting, evangelism or youth work!

Dave and I came home thankful to have rubbed shoulders with such fine people, and with having been so deeply blessed by the leadership team from the foundation who cared so lovingly and generously for us all.


  1. Lovely pictures! Is that the village of Durnstein? I took a daytrip up the Donau/Danube river valley one day in late fall while studying in Vienna. The village, trail, and castle were completely deserted and the drizzly overcast and almost eerie view out over the valley made me feel like an authentic medieval robber baron surveying his domain. A favorite visit, for sure. Sounds like you had a wonderful week in a beautiful region!

  2. Yes, it's Durnstein! I can't believe you recognized it!