Tuesday, April 5, 2011

In Austria

Once again I am writing a blog post from my phone, though thankfully it's from a hotel room and not a hospital room!

Dave and I are at a conference for missionaries from all over the world this week. I drove down from Prague after being there to see Noah perform in Superstar. I put my parents and the kids on a train Monday afternoon, then drove to Vienna to pick up Dave who was flying in from meetings in Israel...what a crazy life we lead sometimes! We then drove about an hour west of Vienna to our conference where we will be until Sunday.

I have some fun pictures from these past few days that I want to post but can't seem to connect to the Internet here so those will have to wait...maybe until I get home.

Noah didn't make it into the top 12 in Superstar but we are absolutely proud of what he accomplished. And do you know that at the live performance on Sunday night, TWO songs of a spiritual nature were sung? This is unheard of in our country! "His Eye is on the Sparrow" and "Oh Happy Day" were performed by one of the judges (who gave a very moving performance of the first song) and the moderator and contestants on the second. It was an awesome way for Noah to end this really special time in his life!

That's all for now...even my phone is being difficult tonight so we will see if this publishes! Could be off line for a while but just wanted you to know where we are!

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  1. Youre amazing...posting even when you're not home!! I'm sure people appreciate updates! :)