Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Color Day

Back in January I wrote about the cabins that we're building as part of our conference center at Malenovice. These are the same ones that I took the trip to the States for, to do shopping for the interior.

The container with all those items hasn't arrived yet (it got stuck in customs, but we got word yesterday that  it's on its way now and due to arrive next Tuesday!). Thankfully I brought back a few items with me to use when it came time to choose paint color for the interior walls in the cabins...which was today!

Petr Bozon (our JV construction project manager) and I met with the painter this morning to talk about colors.

We're both really picky careful about the colors we choose, so it takes us a while as we look through sample after sample trying to find just the right colors.

Mr. Paint Man is a good painter, but not so good with color, which I think is really funny for a man whose life depends on paint color! We DIDN'T choose the color that he's pointing to! :)

When we showed him these two colors in the paint sample book he said there was no difference between them! We asked him to paint us a swatch from both of them anyway. Glad we did! Do you see the difference??

Will we ever be able to decide??

These days it's a beehive of activity at the cabins as we're hoping to get them ready in time for JV conference in three weeks. I am so excited to see them finished! I'll definitely post pictures along the way as we work hard to finish them.


  1. I like the red you have in your hands in the first picture! The cabins are super cute and it's so exciting that your using them for the conference! Tyler told me you like to do interior design!Can't wait to see the finished cabins!

  2. So excited to see pictures of everything coming out of the container! I'm so glad that you are such a great picture taker and good at documenting each step of the cabins progress.