Friday, April 1, 2011

JV Lift Newsletter

Last month, a new edition of our JV Lift newsletter came out. It was sent out just as I was getting sick with the migraine so I didn't write a blog post or an email to let you know about. So sorry about that!
Along with some of the other stories that were told, this is what Dave shared in his article:

It is so easy to lose perspective. Work needs to get done, problems call out to be solved, and we start to get tunnel vision. We lose sight of what God is doing around us, what he wants to do through us, and how we are a part of something much bigger than we can imagine.

That is why Jesus said to his disciples “LIFT up your eyes and SEE that the fields are white for harvest.” (John 4:35)

That’s where the name of this newsletter comes from. We are hoping that it helps you lift your eyes for a moment and see what God is doing to reach young people in Eastern Europe – and how you can be a part through your service, gifts, and prayers.

I’m glad we have a new Lift editor, Aleisha Stephens , who is gifted in communication and will help us get news out to you more regularly. That is especially important as we enter the final stretch of our 2X3 campaign. We are just 9 months from the finish line and praying that God will answer our prayer of doubled fruit. We are also working hard to complete the expansion of our two main training centers in Poland and Czech.

On a recent flight to Estonia, I was able to share the gospel for two hours with my seatmate – a young Polish woman named Anja. Though she had attended the Catholic church off and on since childhood, she had never heard how to be born again by faith in Jesus Christ. At the end of our conversation she said, “I have gone to the church building for years, but this is the first personal conversation that I have ever had with someone about God.”

There are millions like Anja in the 11 countries where Josiah Venture staff serve. Though we now have over 200 on our team, the harvest fields are huge – and ripe. Thanks for lifting your eyes today and joining us through your partnership and prayers.

The second edition of Lift came out yesterday so I didn't want to miss letting you know how you can subscribe!

It's easy and will just take a minute of your time if you are interested in receiving monthly updates of what God is doing here in Central and Eastern Europe.

Click here and it will take you to our JV website where you can simply enter your name and email address. That's it! You'll then get regular emails with current news of what's happening in the various countries where JV is ministering - stories to rejoice in, and things to pray for.

I think you'll be encouraged when you subscribe and read these updates!

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