Monday, April 11, 2011

Awesome Slovenia Update

Dave and I returned home from our conference in Austria last night, but it wasn't until this afternoon that I got the update on what happened in Ljubljana the last night of Nick's speaking tour.

I called Kristi, my sister (she's an in-law but not to me!), to hear from her personally about what Saturday night was like. As she talked, I typed so you'd hear her "voice" about this historic week in Slovenia. Here's a snippet of what she said:

"It was perfect for our city... we are very pleased with went exactly as we hoped and prayed...there wasn't anything left out...from the moment Nick started speaking it was just right for our city, a clean, tight, clear, professional presentation of the Gospel!"

When Nick came on Friday, he said he'd felt a fog around himself, which is typical in that country (when we're there we literally feel the fog of darkness that encircles that country). The team there prayed and prayed and prayed for clarity that day, for fog to be pushed back...and it was!!!

A week before the event, just 1200 tickets had been sold. But on Saturday night, over 7000 people poured into the stadium. This is truly unprecedented! I wish I could explain more clearly to you how unusual and miraculous this was.

Kristi said the whole night felt as if the darkness was being pushed back in their country for a time. Nick didn't pull any punches - spoke candidly, honestly and openly, even about suicide which has been a pressing problem for decades in the country. On the heels of that, he brought the hope of the Gospel in his message and gave a clear presentation and opportunity to receive Christ.

At each event, people were told that if they prayed to receive Christ, there was a special letter prepared for them by Nick that they could request as they left the stadium. By mid-week they had so many people requesting the letter that they had to print an additional 6000 letters to respond to the people's requests!

But now the real work begins. And the need for MUCH PRAYER.

Dave's brother Josh, wrote four follow-up lessons that have been made available to all the churches so they can follow up on all those who gave their address asking for more information.

With only 1500 believers in the country, there is a great need for the parable of the loaves and fishes to be demonstrated! It will take the Lord's multiplication principles to cover all those who have either prayed a prayer, or who are interested in finding out more about faith in God.

Today, Josh and Kristi's 13 year old daughter Becca, took a copy of "Steps to Peace with God" that was specially printed in Slovene, to school to give to one of her friends who was at the event. Kristi said this friend has ever only been interested in youth events, but never in a relationship with God. And yet she said to Becca today, "I think I might be interested in your God"! So Becca invited her to do the follow-up lessons with her this week. Isn't that great?!

What to pray for now? All week long, Josh and Kristi's youngest son, Luke, sang the words from a Chris Tomlin song: "Greater things are yet to come, greater things are yet to be done in this city". Kristi said he sang those words almost non stop on Saturday!

And this is the prayer of their hearts...that greater things would be done in the city...all across Slovenia.

I know it's hard to envision these things when you've never been there, when you don't know the people, and haven't felt the spiritual darkness like they feel.

But in faith...would you PRAY for Slovenia?? Pray that God would raise up a generation of new believers as a result of this past week's 'seed sowing'.

Pray that those seeds would get the water, nutrition and care that they need so that there would be a transformation for Christ in this needy country.

And pray that God would do even greater things for His name's sake in the country of Slovenia.

To read Josh's last update, click here.


  1. Great post Mom!!! Oh, I wish I could be there right now! I love those kinds of huge awakenings, and it must be such a privilege for the Christians to watch God at work there. :) And that's so cute that Luke sang that song all perfect for what was going on!

  2. WOW, WOW, WOW!!!! Praise GOD for that!!! I will be praying for sure!

  3. Aww! Well said!!! Your words brought tears to my eyes! Thank you for capturing so well what God is doing for us in our city and our country!