Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Catch It

A unique event is taking place tomorrow, Thursday through Saturday, up at Malenovice, our JV training center.

It's an outreach event for Beskydy Mountain Academy, our kids' high school here in Frydlant.

What is unique about this high school is that it is a Christian high school, the only one like it in the Czech Republic as it is 90% funded by the government, and yet free to teach Christian values, principles and truths. The miracle of this school is definitely worthy of another blog post sometime!

Although it is a Christian high school, it was designed as an outreach high school, so 70% of the students are not believers. It is the desire of the leadership of the school, as well as the Christian students, to be a witness to the students as they live life up close to each other for four years.

Caleb and his friend Adam (in the above photo) have a passion to share the Gospel with their fellow students, and felt prompted by the Lord this year to organize a week-end retreat where they can do that in a real and personal way, laying out the whole Gospel over a period of two days in a clear and understandable way.

Two years ago Tyler and some other BMA students organized a similar event (that's where all the pictures are from!). God used those students to impact the lives of other students that year, and several put their faith in Christ at that event and are walking strongly with the Lord today.

It is Caleb and Adam's hope that God would again do a work in the lives of students this year as they spend these days together.

The guys asked Dave to be their speaker this year, so he'll be giving four messages and sharing the plan of salvation with the students over the course of those days. Claire will be there too, leading a discussion group and just being a part of the whole week-end.

There will be lots of fun activities, soccer, games, and seminars on fun topics.

But there will be plenty of time for discussion groups and one-on-one talks too.

The BMA students have been fasting and praying for a movement of God among their friends this week-end.

I hope some of you will join us and them in praying for that!

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