Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Afternoon

Even though the norm here in Czech (and most of Europe) is a big lunch and a light dinner, we still do it the other way around most of the time.

Except for today.

I invited Hannah, Hayley and Noah (our adopted JV nieces and nephew) for lunch today since their parents are gone on a trip.

With my parents here, Dave home for lunch, and Claire as well (only Caleb was missing...he was in Prague picking up his new passport today), it was quite a party! I should've gotten more pictures, but I was too busy making food and having a good time to remember...except for this one!

I think I made my dad's day by cooking his favorite food. This is the best meat sauce I've ever made...recipe to follow one of these days! The salad is amazing too...will have to post that as well.

Thankfully my mom was a bit more on the ball and got a few other pictures.

Our friend Radim stopped by later in time for dessert...(sorry it's a bit blurry...Claire is convinced Grandma needs a new camera!)

And just before it was time for everyone to leave, Caleb came home from Prague and my mom got one of the boys together.

All in all...a delightful Friday afternoon!

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