Friday, April 8, 2011

Catching Up

Finally! I'm connected to the internet! We have been so busy these past days that I haven't had time to figure out how to get connected. But today, I finally did!

Dave and I are still in Austria at our missionary conference. We're having a great time here with so many amazing missionaries, doing incredible things for the Lord throughout the world. It's very inspiring.

We have the afternoon free though (everyone else went to Vienna to sightsee, but we didn't need to since it's a hop, skip and a jump from home!) so I'm doing catch-up on emails and such. What could be better than a quiet afternoon in a beautiful hotel lobby for doing that?!

Mostly just wanted to post some pictures today from the days before I left for Austria, capturing a bit of our time in Prague with my mom and dad.

Claire and my parents in Old Town Square in Prague. My dad's grandfather was born in Prague so he always feels a special connection when he goes there. His grandfather immigrated to the US back in the early 1900's, met his Czech wife there, and settled in Wisconsin. The world has come full circle to have his great and great-great granddaughter living back in the "homeland"!

While we were in Prague, we had a special time with my Argentine "sister", Isabel and her husband, Stephen. Isabel was our foreign exchange student when we were in high school, and lived with our family for a year. She has done a great job of staying in touch through the years, and was even willing to fly to Prague from her home in Switzerland to see my parents while they're here! We met up for an afternoon of lunch and coffee, never even leaving the mall for the hours we had together. What a special time!

On Monday, I put my parents and kids on the train to head home to Frydlant while I drove on to Austria.

I love that my parents are adventurous enough to do that! They had a great ride home with Caleb and Claire!

One last of my favorites! Claire and her Bapa (that's the name that Tyler gave my dad years ago when he was just a little guy!) at IKEA in Ostrava. It is one of Claire's lifelong quests to get my dad to smile 'with his teeth' so this is one of her successes in that quest! Love it!

Dave and I head home on Sunday...will get back to posting after that. I still have much to catch up on but it will have to wait until then!

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  1. Connie, Thank you so much for taking the time to put this together while the memories are still fresh. I love the pictures in this post too! I have been waiting for pictures of Mom and Dad on their trip but have seen very few. Maybe you could help Mom post some to her Facebook page when you get back and before their trip is over!