Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Container is Here!

The container from the US arrived today!

This is the container that is packed with everything I bought back in January for the cabins at Malenovice, along with things for H20, our JV conference center in Poland.

It arrived by truck this morning, to our parking lot at Malenovice. The crane came to take it off the truck since the container was a gift to us by Laurelwood, my home church in Vancouver, WA. Thank you for this gift friends!

It was amazing watching it be lifted off. The crane operator didn't know if his crane was strong enough to do it since the container was 4 TONS over his normal allowance...yikes!

But off it came...

With a little help from Petr! Whew! We were all glad to see if safely on the ground!

The container shipped in the middle of February, but took more than two months to arrive here. Now it's time to open the doors and see how everything looks!

Success! It looks like everything made it in one piece!

We unloaded about a third of it today, and in the coming weeks we'll do the rest as the cabins are finished up.

Can't wait to get it all in and see how it fits and looks!

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  1. At last, the container made it!!! So happy to see and hear that it looks good so far for all of the contents.
    I wonder where the graffiti came from? It was not on there when it left Laurelwood.