Monday, September 10, 2012

A - Z Project, Part 3

Part of the description on my blog about who I am says this:

"I love the Lord and enjoy living in the midst of His miracles and goodness each day."

This A - Z project of intentionally noticing and doing things with Claire this summer, again reminded me of how I choose and like to live: enjoying a full life with the Lord, my family and those He's brought into our lives, soaking in His goodness and miracles, big and small.

Despite what was going on this summer (in particular, that Dave was in the States with Caleb seeking medical help), Claire and I were able to enjoy it and soak in God's goodness during those days. It was a summer that I'll have sweet memories of for a long time.

To finish out my part of the alphabet, here are the last five letters, V through Z!


Kaylee definitely kept us entertained throughout the summer. Check out what she found in the grass one afternoon.

We took video of it that was pretty amusing, but for some reason Vimeo is not loading onto Blogger for me today so oh well! You'll just have to imagine how funny it was watching her chase this grasshopper around!


We had the Hartman family (JV teammates) over one idyllic Saturday evening, and almost ate an entire watermelon outside in the grass where you could get as messy as you wanted! Too much fun!!


It took Claire and I a while to come up with what to do about this letter of the alphabet. It was finally Claire who remembered this word from biology! Can you guess what part of this picture is representative of that word?

Xanthophyll - yellow pigment - no idea if that pertains to flowers or not, but we're going with it for "X"!

We tried out some different things when out and about - this one was a strawberry mojito - non-alcoholic, of course! It was incredibly yummy!


We were zealous in our attempt at capturing the zany details of a happy summer life with a zillion pictures!

This particular evening was Claire's brainstorm...a picnic in our backyard as the sun set. We fixed the meal together, but she set it up in the yard and used her creative, pretty touch to make it feel special.

The funny thing was that just as we were sitting down to the meal, we got a phone call from Dave and Caleb with the good news that the doctors had found what was wrong with Caleb these past ten years. (See here for those details).

By the time we got back to the meal, the sun had almost set (and then did as we were eating!), the meal was a bit cold, and the warmth of the sun was gone! Thus the zany photo of me wrapped in a blanket as I finished my meal.

It was a celebratory meal though, praising God zealously for his miracle at sending Dave and Caleb to the exact hospital and doctors in the States who specialize in these sorts of problems.

That was worth a zillion hallelujahs at God's faithfulness!

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  1. I believe Verdant is another way of saying very, very green!

  2. I must give Claire major kudos for Xanthophyll...she has a knack for language...actually, a knack for several languages! Of course xanthophyll comes from the Greek root Xanthos which means "yellow"! Claire obviously knew and remembered that and I'm proud of her!!!