Saturday, September 1, 2012

Woodchopping Saturday

 Today is one of those days when reality sets in.

Dave no longer has his boys around to help on wood-chopping day.

That's a problem since we have a lot of wood that needs choppin'!

What to do about that?

Call friends who don't mind joining in on the coffee break, fun, wood-chopping for the day! :)

Seriously, Dušan and Pavel are out there working HARD today, getting lots of wood sawed, chopped and stacked along with Dave.

Soooo thankful for their willingness to give up their Saturday to do this. (Thankful too for their wives being willing to give up their husbands for the day. Having them all for dinner tonight to hopefully make up for it!)

Even though it's wet, cool and cloudy, they're getting the job done!

1 comment:

  1. This wood chopping must be genetic. And while Dave doesn't have his boys, Dave's Dad doesn't either, but he has my dad. :) Lots of wood cutting going around these days.