Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Original Patty Boys

See any similarities here??

Both of Dave's brothers, Josh and Steve, are here for JV conference this week!

Steve (the one in the middle) flew in from the States to teach a class to some of our JV teammates over the week-end, and Josh came up from Slovenia (where he serves with JV), for the conference as well.

These three don't get to be together very often...mostly at family reunions every three years or so. It's REALLY fun to see them all here in Czech! they look alike or what??!!

Claire was happy to see her Uncle Steve, and got a picture with him yesterday...when it was sunny, compared to today's rain!


  1. Yep! Those are my Patty boys. The middle one told me if I didn't accept Jesus into my heart I would die and burn in hell forever. (We were 4 or 5) The right one was always coming by my Dad's garage for bits and pieces for his inventions. The left one Steve and I threw rotten vegetables at. They are all much loved and have had great impact on my life, along with their sis. So glad they are together again. Can't believe I've known them 44 years! I gotta save these pics. Thanks Connie.

  2. I remember the Patty brothers visiting our youth group at various times. What a terrific legacy of influence and ministry the Patty brothers are building.