Saturday, September 22, 2012

Indigenous Empowerment

One of the core values of Josiah Venture is something we call "indigenous empowerment".  What does that look like in real life?

Yesterday, Greg Carlson, who has been the country leader for JV in Poland, turned over that leadership to Michal Skiba, a Polish man, who will now lead the team forward in that country, seeking to reach young people with the Gospel.

It was a moving evening as Greg spoke about his fifteen years of ministry and leadership in Poland (he spoke in English for the benefit of those of us who came to celebrate this occasion that don't speak Polish! Thus Dawid is here as his translator).

Then Michal came to the front as Greg gave him words of commissioning.

As if often true when Greg is in the room, there were some good laughs! :)

Greg is also an incredible gift giver, and gave these sunglasses to Michal as a symbol of his prayer for him - that he would have eyes of faith as he moves into this leadership role.

I loved being there to witness this moment of transition - of Greg turning over leadership, empowering Michal to take the national movement forward into the coming years.

After that Michal passionately spoke about his heart and passion for the young people of Poland, and of his own life transformation with the Lord that occurred in his teens, which is the motivation for him to take this leadership mantle. It was so moving to hear his heart for his country!

JV teammate, Daniel Eifling, translating from Polish into English so we all could understand!
All of us who were there stretched out our arms in a covering of prayer over Michal and his wife, Sylwia, as they were commissioned for the leadership of JV Poland.

Praise the Lord for these two faithful couples! Greg and Heidi are staying in Poland to continue their ministry under Michal's leadership. Very cool example of "indigenous empowerment"!

Bill and Bobbie Trenckmann were able to be there as well. They were Greg's (and mine!) youth pastors when he came to Christ in high school, and discipled him through his college years. They now serve with JV in Romania and were up for our fall conference, so were able to be there for this special evening.

Precious Carlson family, still living out the core values of JV! Thank you Carlson's!!

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