Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Morning at Malenovice

Was up at the cabins at Malenovice this morning delivering groceries for an event happening there.

Saw this, accompanied by the Olympic theme playing in the background.

Knew my boys especially would get a kick out of it!

Also saw this cutie, dressed and ready for some wacky games.

It's all for the annual retreat for the first year students at BMA!

Jonny, dressed in the toga, is a dear friend, and was/is a teacher for our kids. He's also a lot of fun!

It's tradition that the fourth year students get to help out with the first year retreat, so Claire was up there to help run the BMA Olympic games this morning.

So thankful for this school and the impact its having on the lives of these young people!


  1. So did Claire leave the house looking like that or did she have the outfit tucked into her backpack?

  2. I left the house looking like that! :) But I added the boa when I got up there. It was so much fun.