Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dad and His Girl

I'm always so happy when I hear these words: "Hey Claire, want to go out on a dad-daughter date?!"

Dave is great about caring for and loving his girl...and she loves it when he does!

They were out for about six hours on Sunday doing all sorts of things teaching Claire how to drive in a parking lot nearby!

She starts "auto škola" tomorrow so wanted to drive with her dad before classes start with an instructor. Claire wrote more about that HERE on her blog.

After that they headed up Pustevny, a beautiful ski area in the winter, but a great chairlift ride to the top anytime of the year!

It takes about fifteen minutes to ride up to the top, all the while enjoying the gorgeous view while you talk sitting side by side.

There are some beautiful buildings at the top, with one in particular that has a great restaurant where we always eat lunch. If you're ever here visiting, we'll be sure to take you there as it's such a great experience!

They both came home all happy and filled up with special time together!

So thankful for Dave and what a good dad he is!

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