Monday, September 17, 2012

Search and Rescue

It's JV Fall conference at Malenovice this week!

Titled, "Search and Rescue", the focus is on evangelism - seeking and rescuing the lost.

It was so great to see our team arriving today...leaders from 14 different countries coming together to connect, worship, learn, fellowship, share ideas and a passion for Christ and the lost...awesome!

Dave started off the conference tonight by talking about "the seeker"...not the one seeking God (as that phrase has come to be known by)...but rather God, "The Seeker", who is the One who seeks after the lost. It was so powerful.

There are over 200 leaders at the conference this week, so it's a packed house. So packed that there is a live feed from downstairs where Dave is teaching, to a video venue upstairs!

Was up in the loft of the library looking down on these conference attendees, diligently taking notes!

We're praying that this time together will result in many more lost ones in Central and Eastern Europe being rescued by The Seeker.

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