Monday, September 24, 2012

Long Distance Shopping

My mom and dad are saving me a plane trip right now.

Because we are getting ready to ship another container to the Czech Republic, I needed to order more furniture and items for our newest buildings at Malenovice like we did almost two years ago (see HERE for part of that story).

But instead of me flying to the States to buy everything, I've been on the phone with my parents, and a great salesman at Rife Furniture in Eugene, Oregon, working out all the details of an order!

It's been pretty mom on her cell phone calling my Vonage number in the Czech Republic. My dad in the background trying out various couches and letting me know how comfortable they are. Curt, the salesman, being super helpful, looking up items and getting prices off his computer and the internet - even calling the owner to ask if we can order something that their store doesn't usually stock.

All the while...I'm sitting here at my desk, in my home, in the Czech Republic, talking to them all as we work this out!

So thankful for my parent's willingness to shop on behalf of Malenovice, and for Rife Furniture, pulling through for us once again.

If you're ever in Oregon and need furniture, I sure do recommend them!

1 comment:

  1. adorable as this is, I am definitely not quite as happy as you are! Can you guess why? It's because I want you to come to Oregon and shop! :o)

    I want you to have an official reason to make a trip to the Northwest because I'm missing you! So there you have it....I'm partly happy with your amazing creativity and partly sad that you're not here!

    How's that for keeping it real? Tee-hee! :o) Love you!