Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Good News

Almost two weeks ago I wrote about Caleb's unexpected check-up with the doctor in Cleveland.

What I haven't written about is the good news that has come since he had the epidural procedure.

Four days after the doctor gave it to him, the pain he's had for ten years...was gone!

GONE!!!! He's now had ten days with no pain. I can only imagine how that must feel after all this time.

However, we know that this could be just temporary relief.

We also know there's a chance that his damaged nerves could heal as the medicine allows them to, in essence, "rest" during this time.

What we don't know is what will happen when the medicine wears off in 2-6 months.

But for now, we are praising God for this good news for Caleb!


  1. Mrs. Patty,
    I've had the privilege to serve with the Alaska team on three JV mission trips to the Czech Republic. I have never commented before but have followed your blog for a year or so. I'm praising God with you in regard to your son's pain relief!

    May God continue to work in mighty ways!