Monday, September 3, 2012

The Last "First"

After seventeen "first days of school" here in Czech, I had the last one with Claire today. She started her fourth, and last, year of high school at BMA.

Though Claire was as cute as can be, it was a little lonely on the porch without her brothers.

But we were both thinking of them!

Kaylee seemed a little forlorn as we came back from taking Claire this's hard on mom (perhaps the more forlorn of the two of us!) and dog to see Claire go back to school!

Magda is one of Claire's dear friends from her class of 23 students at BMA here in Frydlant - they were happy to see each other again after the summer.

So glad Hayley stepped out of the school just then so I could get a picture with all three of these dear friends!

The first day of the last year...done.

I have a feeling this school year is going to go by quickly. I plan to enjoy every moment of it...and take lots of pictures to remember!

Ever the mom, loving these kinds of moments with my kids.


  1. The Back-toSchool pictures are my favorite pictures of the year! So happy that you and Claire did not let me down in getting this last year. Look at Claire all grown up now!

  2. Why is my username TheDude? It's Caleb :)