Thursday, July 10, 2014

New Arrivals in Czech

Meet the Thomason's, the newest arrivals to the JV family here in Czech.

You'll want to mark their blog "It's All Grace" to follow their journey to serve on the Bteam in Communications; they're doing a great job sharing their story!

While they landed a few weeks ago, today was the day their belongings from the States arrived via container.

I happened to have just stepped out of my car when I saw the truck attempting to come through here; he didn't make it. As you can see from the sign, the clearing was 3,6 meters. His truck measured 3,8.

Can you imagine backing up that truck on a busy road??

Eventually, after a roundabout way through tiny streets (sure glad I wasn't having to maneuver that truck!), he pulled up in front of the Thomason's new home.

And the unloading began!

Here's one happy little guy to see familiar belongings!

Within just an hour, everything was in their house. They can now start the process of getting settled in their new home and country.

"We're glad you're here Thomason's!"


  1. Thanks for sharing the Thomason's blog...happy that you could help them in your jetlagged state!

  2. Connie, we just saw this post tonight! Thanks for sharing about us and taking lots of pictures. You're a blessing! Hopefully we can get together soon with you and Dave. Maybe that's a long shot, but I would love to make it happen.