Monday, July 7, 2014

First Morning Cup

You know how there are just certain things that make you feel like home? This is one of mine.

Many years ago (I'm pretty sure it was fourteen) my dad bought me this coffee maker when he and my mom were here visiting. It's sure gotten a work-out all these years!

This morning was my first cup of coffee from it in eleven months. The ritual of making coffee in it again was delightful this morning.

The Braun coffee favorite Polish pottery cup...pretty measuring spoons Caleb and Claire bought for me years ago, and a bag of recently roasted beans from Rembrandt's in Chattanooga. All of that combined together just says, "Home".

Plus, we're in the midst of getting over jet lag so a good cup (or two) of coffee helps!

As I sit here at my desk looking out at Lysa Hora (you know that's why my blog is called "Living by Lysa", right?), I feel so peaceful. It's just really good to be home.

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