Monday, July 21, 2014

Happy Arrival

While it was certainly a beautiful morning here at home, it was far from any ordinary day.

I left for Krakow, Poland at 8:30 and headed for the airport. Driving on the new highway that now connects us was an entirely different driving experience than the past twenty years. I can't say I missed the small Polish roads, potholes, stoplights and traffic on the route we used to take there!

Construction and a missing small parking lot out front of the terminal greeted me at the airport when I arrived.

Having forgotten to tell the arriving passenger to come out when she got her bags, I wound my way up to the fourth floor of the parking garage, then hurried across the way, knowing I was now late.

With my camera in hand I wound through the other arriving passengers, waiting for that first glimpse of wherever she might be.

"Kayleeeeeee", called a sweet voice from the end of the corridor.

Letting go of the leash, a little doggie ran for her girl. Aw, such a sweet reunion!!

Yes, Kaylee and I were there to welcome Claire home!!!!

And yes, it's perfectly acceptable to bring your dog into the airport here!

After six weeks of working at Gull Lake summer camp in Michigan, she's home for a month!

This is her first time back since leaving for college a year ago. She didn't get to come home at Christmas since we were in the States, so it's a special day for her, and for us.

Just like we used to do for first and last days of school (like HERE, HERE and HERE), we had to take a "first day back at home" picture before going in the house.

Oh how good to see her walk in those familiar doors, and on into the kitchen where we love to hang out!

The final welcome came from dad just a few hours later. Yes, he's glad to have his girl home!

She'll get to be here until August 22nd. Oh how we're all going to enjoy these days with her at home again!


  1. YAY!!! I love the story, especially that Kaylee was the first to run up and give kisses to Claire as she touched down on European soil. Happy day today as you all soak in each others love! :o)

  2. As always, I enjoy the picture on the porch just like the first day of school pictures!