Thursday, July 17, 2014


Tuesday morning Dave and I were back in familiar territory.

Mikulov, Czech Republic

No, it wasn't just familiar as in being back in Czech.

Rather, we were back in the car for a road trip. We traveled across Czech, down through Austria, and on into Slovenia where Dave had meetings in Maribor.

While he was having his meetings, I drove on to Ljubljana for an important meeting of my own.

Yes, I've been reunited with Kaylee, my little furry girl.

She's been at our brother and sister-in-law's home for the past ten months, being cared for by their family while Dave and I were on sabbatical and home assignment. 

I remember talking with Kristi a year and a half ago about our dilemma of where to leave Kaylee for the year. Her loving answer that made me cry?

"Well, with us, of course! Isn't that what family does for each other?"

Oh THANK YOU Kristi for being willing! You're an amazing sister!

Kaylee was well loved by all the Patty's, and even by her furry cousin, Scout, who opened up his heart to her as well! :) They got along so well this past year that we're all a little worried about how these two will respond to being separated. They're definitely a duo!

Can you see why we call them Lady and the Tramp?! Though in reality, Scout is a real gentlemen, and full of so much personality! These two are hilarious together.

One last sweet story of something I got to witness while I was there.

Kristi reads to Luke each night. The tradition calls for a cup of juice and a little bowl of pretzels as they curl up to read a chapter from a book.

But it's not just the two of them in bed for the nightly routine. Oh no, it's both dogs too! They love their time on the bed with Luke each night, but are especially interested in a little nibble of those pretzels!

They said Kaylee peers over the book EVERY NIGHT!

We all laughed and laughed as they let me in on the fun, watching how these dogs enjoy the ritual!

"Thank you dear Patty family for loving Kaylee so well this year!! Your love and care for her melts my heart. She sure loved her time with you, and misses you!"

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  1. Ahhh! I've been waiting for this. I'm all teary and weepy just looking at the pictures and imagining everyone's joy. Sassy makes little crying yips when I've just been gone for the day.