Thursday, July 31, 2014

Tucked Away in Frýdek

Just fifteen minutes from where we live in Frýdlant n.O is the larger town of Frýdek Místek.

It was there that Claire and I discovered something very near and dear to our hearts this week.

If you walk back behind those colorful buildings to the church tower, you're getting close.

Down through the small streets where no one else is walking is a new shop that I've only dreamed of, but certainly never expected to find here.

Now just to keep it real, you do pass by this not so quaint building on your way there.

Yes, not every view here is quaintly European!

How's that for a jumble of styles, textures, and historical items? (No idea what the statue is).

But then, at the end of the cobblestones, on the right, is our treasured location.

Labužník Celiac.


A Gourmet Gluten Free bakery and sweet shop!!!!

I have never seen anything like this in my life...not in the States, not here in Czech.

This is a bakery and sweet shop that sells all the iconic, wonderful Czech breads and pastries...GLUTEN FREE!!!

I don't know how they did it. But someone put a lot of time, effort and chemistry work into figuring out how to create everything gluten free that you'd find in a normal "pekařství" or "cukrárna" here in Czech.


And the results? Absolutely amazing!

In fact, to be honest, everything that I've tasted so far tastes better than the normal offerings at a regular bakery! I'm really not kidding. It's that good.

Kolače, rohlíky, větrníky, chleba, linecké's all there, and more!

Hurry home Caleb for some special Czech treats!!

What a special little gift tucked away on the back streets of Frýdek.

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  1. I'm coming right over! Wow! I see some chocolatey things I want right now. The GF bakery I went to in Gresham was very disappointing as they had cupcakes and brownies. I can make those at home. I want the stuff I can't easily make. I know where you and Claire will be in the coming weeks.