Saturday, July 26, 2014

Going to Market

Before Claire came home we talked about the things she wanted to do this summer while home. One of those was accomplished today.

Farmer's Market in Ostrava? Check!

We discovered this market two years ago when they started it in the parking lot of a local mall.

And now it's one of our favorite places to go in the summer!

The market is full of local vendors who I love to support with all their yummy fresh produce.

But one of our favorite is the honey lady. You can be sure that Claire stocked up with another round of honey to take back to college!

A little raspberry flavored mineral water for 3 kc (14 cents!) a bottle? Yes!

So glad we could make it to our little farmer's market at the mall this morning!


  1. Hope Claire has room in her pantry for some great Northwest Honey from GloryBee! I'll be sending some for her to taste test!