Thursday, July 3, 2014

Twenty Six Hour Day: Going Home

We're on our way home after eleven months of sabbatical and home assignment!!

Our long day home started off early this morning in Chattanooga where we've been with friends for the past few days.

Several hours later we landed in Chicago, and soon afterward were met by Tyler! He was delivering the rest of our luggage that had been stored at Lara's and his place.

Amazingly, we've only got one extra bag. And a lot of carry-ons!

Oh how I wanted to linger with Tyler! But the drop off area at departures doesn't allow for much of that.

We took just a few photos before it was time to say goodbye for now.

I can't believe we're flying home today! It's really pretty surreal after being gone for eleven months.

After hugs we turned to head in to the airport, when all of sudden I thought "I'd better get one last photo". I turned around and there was Tyler, doing the same thing!

What an extraordinary year it was, being with our kids and with so many of you.

It's a year we'll never forget.

And now, off on our twenty six hour day, headed for HOME!!

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  1. Oh honey...I feel a mix of emotions as I read this. I'm glad you're going home but it feels so different in knowing you're not a phone call away on this continent!

    And that last picture of you taking a picture of Tyler taking a picture (that was a fun sentence to just write!) is the cutest ever!

    Love you and praying for safe travels....Michelle