Saturday, July 5, 2014

Back to What We Love

Our last few days in the States, at the end of our eleven month sabbatical/home assignment, were spent in the hills of Tennessee at the farm of friends who live there.

It was the perfect way to finish a wonderful, fruitful, meaningful year.

As we talked for hours, enjoying our fill of blueberries and wine raspberries from their gardens (a new berry that makes me want to grow some here at home!), I thought back to the many places we've been this year, and to the time we spent in rich fellowship everywhere we went. I felt so deeply thankful for all the relational time we shared with people throughout the States.

As I reflect on that even more just a few days after returning home, I can tell my cup is full from having been with so many dear friends and precious family members. Being loved on, poured into, and cared for was deeply nourishing, and I feel the impact of that now that I'm back.

The body of Christ is such an amazing, wondrous gift as we all serve each other. To those who served us this year, THANK YOU!! Each and every one of you made a difference in our lives.

As we head back into our role of leading and serving here with Josiah Venture here in Czech, and across Central and Eastern Europe, more than ever I want to be part of feeding, nurturing and caring for the body of Christ here, as well as reaching out to those around me who don't know Christ.

Our hearts still long to see revival here, to see many more put their faith in Him.

That doesn't happen quickly in this part of the world. It takes time to build relationships and win trust.

But by dwelling together, sharing life and speaking Truth, we pray that our service will result in transformed lives for the sake of the Gospel.

It's a privilege to be back here now. We're grateful for the Lord's provision to return to do what we love and have been called to.


  1. What an incredible year you had! I'll bet it feels great to be home and staying in one place. I'm sure it will really feel like home when your little doggie returns and when Claire is with you!

  2. I just read your last two blogs and truly understand how it could feel like you've been gone forever and yet at the same time, like you just left!

    So glad you're home safe and sound....and that it's sunny!

    And seeing the picture of the horse made me realize that I didn't ask: When do you get Kaylee?!!

    Love you!