Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Michigan Birthday

Happy Birthday to our Tyler who turned 24 on Sunday after a birthday trip up to Michigan on Saturday.

Why Michigan??

Since Claire needed to be picked up from Gull Lake and brought down to Chicago for her flight home, the rest of our Patty family in the US made it an outing that included the pick-up and a birthday celebration as well.

Claire's last day at Gull Lake

When Tyler and Lara were up in Grand Rapids, Michigan last March for the Midwest Regional ETS conference, they discovered Madcap Coffee.

With Grand Rapids less than an hour away from Hickory Corners (where GLM is located) they thought it'd be fun to introduce their siblings to it, so headed over to spend the rest of the day celebrating Tyler's birthday.

After coffee, lunch and a movie together, they celebrated with gifts down on the boardwalk of the Grand River.

It was fun to see this picture ("Thanks for taking all of these Claire!") of a gift from my mom and dad.

My dad is making these incredibly fun, whimsical and colorful bird houses these days...I think he's made over 20? I'll have to confirm that with him, as maybe it's even more now.

I'm glad Tyler gets to have one now too!

Much love to you Tyler! I am SOOO thankful for the man of God that you are, for the way you love your wife, for the care you give to your sister, and for the privilege of being your mom...even when you're all grown up! :)

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