Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy to be Home

Here's the good news: we've arrived home!

Now for the rest of the story.

While waiting for our last flight in Frankfurt, an announcement was made at the gate that they needed volunteers. The plane that was supposed to go to Krakow was being replaced by a smaller plane so there weren't enough seats.

Dave made a beeline to the counter to volunteer, but in the end they said they didn't need us and that we had seats on the flight. Disappointed, but ultimately glad we were on our way home, we gathered our things and took our place in line.

However, just as we were about to get on the plane, the desk called our names and said instead, "We DO need you to take a later flight!" Giddy with delight, we stepped out of line.

Doing so meant we made 500 Euros, but were rerouted to Berlin before catching our flight to Krakow!

Here's the blessing in that:

One of the last things we talked with Caleb about before leaving Chicago was his and Haley's desire to come home at Christmas. Not knowing how any of us would pay for it, we said we'd pray that God would make a way for them to come home. Who knew that just hours later Lufthansa would help us out?!

Our trip home ended up being 34 hours instead of 26, but as we flew into Poland, my heart was full of gratitude to the Lord for His provision.

After being picked up by Mel and his daughter, Hannah, we made our way home to Frydlant. My kitchen never looked so good as we arrived at 9 PM last night.

And what a beautiful day we woke up to here in Frydlant!

From our house this afternoon I hear a tractor out mowing hay in the field near us, our cute neighbors have been over to visit, and I've already gone to my favorite store for groceries.

In many ways, it feels like I was never gone.

And in other ways, it feels like a lifetime since we've been here.

I feel richer for having been gone, and happy to be back. It was a blessing to be with so many dear people these past eleven months, and it's a blessing to be home. It's good either way! 

Now it's on with life here in Czech!!

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  1. I love everything about this. Love seeing photos of traveling, and of home! I'll be doing this same thing in two weeks! :) Hard to believe.