Saturday, January 31, 2015

Shhh, Don't Tell My Kids

Ever wondered what our kids, raised here in the Czech Republic, miss from home?

We're on our way to the States tomorrow and these are a few of the things that will be in my suitcase for them.

What's so funny about this is I remember when my parents would come to visit us with suitcases full of things that I missed from the States. What a fun day that always was to unpack familiar items and put them on the shelf, or eat them right away!

But now I have kids who were raised here in Czech and these are the kinds of things that they miss from home.

Czech honey, bouillon cubes (different than in the States), Czech/European chocolate, organic millet, gluten free treats, chocolate covered rice cakes and cranberries, tea (yes, there's tea in the States but it's different than what we have here), and little suckers from the pharmacy that are like nothing I've ever tasted in the States.

Now I get the fun of bringing treats to them from their home.

"Thank you Mom and Dad for all the times you brought suitcases full of things for us! I'm following your example and doing it in reverse for our kids now."

We had a beautiful snowfall last night, so just have to add in a few pictures from home for our kids, and all who are reading, to enjoy!


  1. Thank you!! We love these things!!

    1. I've got a nice collection of your favs coming your way! Can't believe I get to see you in two weeks!

  2. What a fun treat! My husband LOVES when his Sister sends or brings us goodies they grew up with in Taiwan. Even though our kids haven't been there yet, they still enjoy trying the new treats.