Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Miracle of Life

At 5:30 PM today, the world and all its cares faded into the background.

Nothing else but a hospital delivery room and the immanence of a baby's arrival was in sight or mind.

I have only been at the births of my own three children, which were of course remarkable and unforgettable.

But it is completely different to be at a birth not of your own children, but of someone else's where you are one little step removed and a witness to the miracle of life emerging into the world.

The depth of emotion I experienced in this room was supernatural, delightful, all consuming and overwhelming in its depth. There were times when I cried, smiled, laughed, felt deep compassion, felt deep pain and wanted to sing to the Lord in joyous praise.

What a holy experience, to see the creation of the Creator appear!!

This sweet baby girl arrived at 7:48 PM, born to adoring parents and two little brothers who will become her playmates and protectors one day!

I'm sure I'll share her name and more photos as time passes. But for now I just want to revel in the sacredness of what God blessed me with tonight: welcoming into the world His precious, much loved, beautiful, darling baby girl.

Truly, I will never forget being there to witness that miracle.

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