Wednesday, July 22, 2015

And She's Back!

Monday night this happened!

Claire arrived into the Prague airport from the States after seven months away from home.

Knowing that she wouldn't have another chance to see Prague during this visit home, she and I stayed overnight and walked the city for 9 hours yesterday. My step counter said that was good for 8.3 miles (13 km), and yes, by the end our legs were feeling it.

But walking and talking the whole way, even in very hot weather, could not have been sweeter since she and I haven't seen each other since February.

We stayed away from typical places in Prague, and instead sought cooler, less crowded spots to enjoy, like this part of the garden up by the castle.

We were the only ones there for an hour as we continued talking, taking photos and just enjoying the quiet and beauty.

Although I've been in the lower gardens of the castle many times, I'd never discovered this section. What a treat to find it! And all the more amazing to be there alone when Prague is so full of people this time of year.

While Claire and I are in contact regularly during the school year, there's something about being together in person that is so enjoyable and delightful. What a gift to have a day with no other agenda than just being with each other.

Prague put on a lovely day for us as we walked and talked, soaking in the sights and the seemingly endless hours of conversation.

I'm so grateful the Lord keeps making it possible to bring her home every now and then. It helps her to stay connected to her roots, and it gives Dave and I the joy of living a bit of daily life with her again. We're all looking forward to the weeks we have ahead of us.

I'm glad we got to start that time in Prague!


  1. Oh how my heart smiles to see the two of you together, beaming from the depths of your connected hearts. Now my heart is happy just knowing the two of you are soaking up every moment of mother-daughter connection. Love you both!

  2. yeeee, yeeeee.... I´m sooo happy to see you two together!!! enjoy this amazing time... Love you...

  3. and amazing pictures! from this airport one I had tears in my eyes....

  4. the picture of the bridge is now my background ;)