Monday, July 27, 2015

Grace Team in Prague

Enjoying and enduring the ever changing summer weather in Prague, we met up with a dear team of people today from our church in the Chicago area, Grace Church of DuPage.

They came to serve at a JV English camp last week, and are now back in Prague for debrief with the other American teams who also served around the country.

As the sun went in and out, we walked the city while Dave them a spiritual heritage tour of the city.

Such as, explaining the meaning and significance of Jan Hus' life as an early reformer of the church back in the mid 1400's.

As we headed across the Charles Bridge towards the castle, the skies began to darken and big raindrops pelted us as we crossed. But it doesn't matter what the weather is, that view is still spectacular!

And ten minutes later, with the sun reappearing over in Mala Strana at St. Nicholas church, Dave gave his "architecture speaks" talk before going inside to see what he meant.

It's a heavily gilded church, with huge statues of church leaders and only a tiny Jesus up front - tells something about the values and priorities when the church was built back in the mid-1700's.

My long time friend, Wendy, served on the team with her two children, and it was positively delightful to hear her perspective on spending a week with Czech young people - she loved it!

Her husband serves on our JV board - we're so thankful for both of them!

The skies let loose with a torrential downpour while up at the castle, but it didn't stop us from finishing up Dave's tour and enjoying the time together!

We are so incredibly thankful for the churches from the US, Canada and Ireland that partner with us each year for summer camps across Central and Eastern Europe, including our own dear church!

"Love you and thank you Grace Church of DuPage team!" 

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