Thursday, July 23, 2015

Traveling Home from Prague

Wednesday in Prague dawned bright and beautiful as Claire and I packed up our things to head home on a morning train.

But not before one last quick hike up to the Vinohrady section of Prague, passing by Wenceslas Square on our way. Awww, how can you not stop and take a picture of that??!

A certain coffee shop called "La Boheme" (see HERE and HERE for more about it) opened at 8 and we were there right on time! With a train to catch at 9, we knew we'd have to hurry to make it there and back, but also knew it'd be worth it.

We'd been there the day before and seen something pretty special on their coffee menu that Claire wanted to try before leaving Prague. How could I resist that sweet face?!

Successful in our mission, we hurried back down through the streets of the city towards the train station with one iced lavender latte with almond milk and honey in hand!

She said it was delicious!

We made it to the station with a few minutes to spare, surprising ourselves with how fast we walked the almost 2 miles to the coffee shop and back just for coffee!

But we knew once we were on the train we could relax for the three and half hour ride home.

Until this happened.

With just 45 minutes left in the trip, our train came to a halt. The conductor made an announcement that there'd been an accident on the tracks ahead of us and that we wouldn't be able to continue by train. We were to sit still and wait until further instructions.

About a half hour passed before we went from sitting here... sitting here!

I don't know how they came up with buses to ferry us all to the train station in Ostrava, but somehow they did! Claire and I commented on how unstressed the train staff were, and how smooth the transition was once the bus picked us up.

They even passed out free Kofola (the famous cola drink here in Czech) to anyone who wanted it!

Sad to say, we found out later that several people died and many were injured in that accident, after the train hit a truck that had stopped on the tracks. Really thankful it wasn't our train, but my heart aches over those who suffered.

An hour later, we arrived at our train station, picked up the car and finally headed home for a few reunions.

The two "D's" were happily waiting for us, Dad and dog!

It's delightful to have adventures with Claire again, but it's the best to have her home with us!

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  1. What a lovely day with Claire! And what a terrible nightmare. I dread bus rides, especially in the heat we have had.